HR Management

Directly in your Outlook

From the 1st day on
the job to retirement

The complete employee life cycle
in only one software solution

Stay within
your familiar
work environment

Microsoft Outlook
easily and conveniently
bundles all HRM functions

360° employee view

Skills, job history,
further education,
score cards, vacation,
time entries ...

What is xRM1 HR Management

xRM1 HR Management is the complete solution for recruiting, managing and developing employees based on the Microsoft Dynamics platform.

Candidate Management, Onboarding, Organizational Charts, Absence Management, Skill and Performance Management up to Scorecards are covered by the complete solution.

An Employee Cockpit for Time Entry, Request for Leave and Expenses & Travel Management is also included.

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Microsoft Dynamics Platform Integrated

xRM1 HR Management is fully integrated in Microsoft Dynamics platform. It is multilingual, supports multiple currencies and is available for offline use.

All existing information from the Microsoft CRM contact management as well as the sales, marketing and service modules (sales opportunities, orders, campaigns, tickets etc.) can be used in or linked to xRM1 HR Management. Cross-departmental work is available 'out of the box'.

Purchase or Subscribe

There are three purchase options for xRM1 HR Management to choose from:

  • Buying directly from the manufacturer
  • Subscribe to Microsoft Dynamics Online in the Cloud, from the manufacturer
  • Subscribe through a certified hosting company

Talk to us, we are happy to help you to find the right option.


The core functions of xRM1 HR Management are available in the following languages:

English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Norse

Each user can select the language based on individual preferences.


For the optimum user experience, the software should be adapted to your processes.
We will gladly support you with matching service packages.


Hardware, such as time tracking terminals, PCs, mobile technology (tablets, smartphones, iPhones) are not included in the software.


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