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The Facts

xRM1 Idea Management is the complete solution for Business Innovation in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The complete idea lifecycle, from the idea campaign to submission, concept, evaluation, implementation, idea reward up to idea reviews is covered by the solution.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integrated

xRM1 Idea Management is fully integrated in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It is multilingual, supports multiple currencies and is available for offline use.

All existing information from the Microsoft CRM contact management as well as the sales, marketing, project and service modules (sales opportunities, orders, campaigns, projects, tickets etc.) can be used in or linked to xRM1 Idea Management. Cross-departmental work is available ‘out of the box’.

Support in all Phases of Idea Management

Additional Supporting Features

Buy or Subscribe

There are three purchase options for xRM1 Idea Management to choose from:

  • Buying directly from the manufacturer
  • Subscribe to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online in the Cloud, from the manufacturer
  • Subscribe through a certified hosting company

Talk with us, we are happy to help you find the right alternative.


The core functions of xRM1 Idea Management are available in the following languages:

English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Norse

Each user has the ability to select their own language preference.


For the optimum user experience, the software should be adapted to your processes.
We will gladly support you with matching service packages.


xRM1 Idea Management is the solution for Business Innovation in Microsoft CRM. The software solution supports the complete idea lifecycle, from the idea campaign to submission, concept, evaluation, implementation, idea reward as well as idea review.

The solution contains pre-defined processes based on the code best practice. The processes can be adapted to the individual needs of the company. Structure idea management in your company and aline business objectives.

Mobile options and many interfaces complete the solution.

The following functional areas are included in xRM1 Idea Management:

  • Idea Campaigns and Contests
    Create ideas from current market challenges; planning support for idea campaigns; save time and money with campaign templates; segment target audiences; export function for direct mailing; mail merge function; monitoring activities, budgets, and success.
  • Idea Submitting
    Submit spontaneous ideas directly through employees; on PC, in production, on-the-go; submit through Outlook, smartphone, tablet-PC or idea-terminals; describe ideas by facing the current situation; initial cost-benefit estimate durring submission.
  • Open Discussion
    Share your idea with others; open discussion for ideas, in real-time; set automatic notification of selected events; top 10 subscription lists.
  • Validation
    Duplicate detection to avoid validating the same idea; easy initial validation of requirements; decide on a closer examination or cancellation.
  • Concept
    Organize an efficient concept phase; develop the basis for an assessment and decision; checklists for structuring the development of required information; enhance and store information; use of concept templates; risk management.
  • Evaluation
    Notification of pending evaluations in CRM activity management; easy single stage evaluation; multi-phase evaluation through the criteria tree weighting; store several criteria trees; check the impact of ideas on company departments.
  • Decision and Prioritization
    The final deciding point for idea implementation; assign priorities (high, medium, low priority); pool ideas together or dismiss them; make specifications to the decision through supplementary notes.
  • Implementation in Projects
    Use the CRM-Project functions to organize the idea implementation; create a new project for implementation; alternatively, assign ideas to an existing project; set budget, work, and duration for idea implementation and validate them within the project period.
  • Idea Reward
    Reward the submission of ideas; manage various reward types; give non-monetary rewards directly to employees; give monetary rewards and vacation to the Human Resources Department. Set an appointment to review the idea.
  • Review
    Look back and compare real costs incurred and current benefits of the implemented idea. Detailing the review is made possible through supplementary information.
  • Reports and Diagrams
    Diagrams for idea managers, campaign managers, employees and executives; all charts and reports can be personally modified; add your own dashboards; drill down detailed analysis; set up automatic reports as e-mail, PDF, Excel, or HTML.
  • Document Management
    Document management for ideas and campaigns; check-in and out; versioning and archiving; workflows to illustrate revision processes.
  • Mobile Apps
    Mobile idea submission; available for smartphones, tablet-PCs or Ultrabooks; app for Windows Mobile, Android, Blackberry, and for iOS iPhone; campaign management for on the go; information also available for offline use.
  • Office Integration
    Import idea lists from Excel; export idea lists to Excel and PDF; export dynamic Excel cubes and OLAP cubes (Online Analytical Process Cube); Microsoft Word integration.
  • ERP Integration
    Data exchange with ERP-Systems; standard adapter for Navision, AX, GP, SAP, Quickbooks and Datev out of the box. Generic adapter Scribe; Biztalk; Microsoft.NET; CRM Web Services are also available.


PCs and mobile devices, such as tablets or smartphones (e.g iPhone), are not provided with the software.


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