Live Presentation

An xRM1 Business Solution presentation tailor-made to your requirements

The Challenge with Evaluating Software

You would like to evaluate one of the xRM1 Business Solutions, but you don’t have enough time.

You’ve taken a look at the website (, found that our solution is of interest to you and that it meets your requirements.

Need more assurance that our solution will meet your needs and that you’re making the right decision? Then let’s explore this together in a live presentation.

Live Presentation – The Next Step

We are more than happy to present our solutions to you, live and online.

We tailor make every presentation based on your individual requirements.

We ask that you provide us up to 5 top requirements; we use these as a basis to create a custom presentation for you.

In the live presentation, we’ll address approaches for your requirements and discuss best practices.

Our experience has shown that the presentation is effective in identifying how our solutions can be best used in your company.

6-Step Process

  1. Your requirements are necessary to prepare the presentation. We gather these from you either by phone or by e-mail. Up to 5 requirements can be included in the presentation.
  2. We then select an experienced solution consultant for the presentation.
  3. You will be responsible for selecting the appropriate participants, from the IT, management, and relevant departments.
  4. We’ll contact you to schedule an appointment.
  5. The presentation will then consist of the following agenda:
    • An introduction to who we are at xRM1 Business Solutions (5 min)
    • Cross-checking your requirements (5 min)
    • Presentation of solutions to your requirements (60 min)
    • Licensing, pricing and next steps (20 min)
  6. Lastly, we’ll send you the presentation document, which includes feedback. In addition, we will organize the previously discussed next steps.

How can a Live Presentation benefit you?

  • You’ll get a first-hand introduction to the people behind xRM1 Business Solutions
  • You’ll get a firm understanding of the solutions
  • You’ll see for yourself how your requirements can be achieved
  • You’ll gain confidence in your decision
  • You’ll achieve your evaluation goal more quickly through the experience of xRM1


All relevant roles of the affected departments involved in the provided scenarios should take part in the Live Presentation.

It’s important that individuals attend because each participant has a different view about which processes require a solution. In addition, their input on how xRM1 Business Solutions can provide such a solution is imperative.


You can find all Live Presentation documents and forms on the right hand side under Downloads.


We offer one Live Presentation to each company free of charge.

Next Step

Feel free to contact us at any time, we’re happy to answer your questions.

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