xRM Training

Training packages for xRM1 Business Solutions

Our Experience Will Take You Further

A certified experienced instructor will show you the individual functions of the xRM1 Business Solutions. They´re passing on their experience to you, showing you how the solutions will address your individual requirements.

Training Material

Every participant receives the following material:

  • Training material, with exercises and examples
  • A pre-configured virtual system, for use on your own notebook
  • Alternatively, you can have access to a cloud-based training system via remote desktop

Training Ground

Training can take place:

  • Training Online
  • on site, in your company
  • In the local xRM1 Training Centers
  • on site training at a local partner’s premises


You determine the main training focus. You can combine desired functions freely, to focus the training exactly on your goals.

Please note that training on site must consist of at least one full man day (online 0,5 man day) and must be ordered in full day intervals.


All preparation documents and forms, as well as training materials, can be found on the right-hand side, under 'Downloads'.


  • Receive training from an experienced xRM1partners trainer
  • Effective exercises which help you to better understand the new information
  • Training e-documents available for download, for desired functions
  • Training system provided for each participant


Price: 680 $ per 1/2 day

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