Services for Partners and their Customers



We’ve been around the Microsoft Dynamics CRM world long enough to know that partners are the only way to go to market.

Tailor made service for partners and their customers ensure a successful implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the xRM1 Business Solutions.

Support from xRM1 is available online and onsite.

Pre-sales Support

Approaches in Real-Time

You name the requests - we show the solution

Business Analysis

Commercial aspects of your implementation

Core Process Validation

Gain experience with an implemented core request

After Sales support

Dynamics Initiative Support

Implementation support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the xRM1 Business Solutions

Project Success Package

Security with the implementation

Service Contingent

Support and Services

User Training

Safety in the use - online or on-site directly from the manufacturer

Customer Services

Managed Trial

Personal assistance for the trial period directly by the manufacturer

Feature Extension

Influence the Future Functionality of xRM1 Business Solutions