Services throughout all phases in your project

xRM1 supports you to ensure a successful implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and xRM1 Business Solutions. Support is available online and onsite, in 36 countries.

Live Meeting

An xRM1 Business Solution presentation tailor-made to your requirements

Import & Configuration

Start working right away in a pre-configured environment

Core Process Validation

Gain experience with an existing core process

Approaches in Real-Time

You identify the requirements – we show you the solution

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Financial Aspects of Your Implementation

Service Allotment

Provides flexible services to help you with your implementation

Implementation Packages

Start Your xRM1 Business Solutions Implementation with a Proven Package

xRM Initiative

Implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the xRM1 Business Solutions in Your Company

Training Onsite

Public training taking place in your area or private training with you onsite

Training Online

Individual and flexible training delivered to your desktop

Support Allotment

1st and 2nd Level Support for User and Configuration-Related Questions

Feature Extension

Influence the Future Functionality of xRM1 Business Solutions!