Training Online or Onsite

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The Challenge

  • You’ve purchased an xRM1 Business Solution, but are not getting the most out of it
  • User-related and administrative questions concerning the software keep coming up that no one in the company is able to answer
  • You’re looking for easy answers to your questions
  • You’re interested in a flexible training agenda that will focus on topics important to you

Onsite Training – Our Coaching Will Take You Further

A certified trainer with several years of experience will teach you the individual functions of the xRM1 Business Solutions. Beyond this, they’ll be able to show you how to get your own individual requirements off the ground.

You determine the training program – from first steps to individually defined sessions for expert users.

Public and Private Trainings

With Public Training, you’ll be participating together with other fellow customers, partners and Microsoft employees. With Private Training, you choose who gets to participate from your organization and how many.

Benefits of Public Training

  • Share best practices with people from other companies and fields
  • The training takes place off-site preventing work related distractions
  • Less expensive for fewer participants from your company

Benefits of Private Training

  • Customized training agenda
  • Internal inquiries and challenges can be discussed openly with the trainer
  • The amount of company participants is unlimited for a set price
  • Participants don’t have to waste time and money traveling to the training site; we come to you

Training Sites

You can choose where the training takes place:

  • At your company’s location
  • At one of our xRM1 company locations near you
  • Training done at a local xRM1 partner’s site


You determine the agenda of the private training. You can mix and match functional topics so that the training is focused on exactly what you wish to learn.

There is a training outline available where you can list your personalized training agenda. You can find this in the Download section.

Training Scope

  • Determine the training topics through an experienced xRM1 trainer
  • Relevant exercises which help you to practice and understand what’s being taught to you
  • Downloadable documents containing information about the components you’ve selected
  • Preset training system for each participant


Each participant will receive the following:

  • Training material with exercises and examples
  • A preconfigured virtual system to be personally used on a notebook or alternative remote desktop access in The Cloud

Next Step

Feel free to contact us at any time, we’re happy to answer your questions.

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